Stacy Sprague

PhD, R Psych - Executive Director, EFAP

Stacy has been the director of the Employee & Family Assistance Program since 1993. In this program she has seen three major merger integrations and one major regionalization. She has worked with the EFAP through its major growth phases. She is proud to have been a part of bringing it to the size and the notable clinical credibility that it holds today. Stacy feels very lucky to work with such an accomplished team who have all contributed to make this program the best clinical EFAP in the province.

Education & Training

Stacy is a registered psychologist and a registered social worker approved for private practice in the province of British Columbia. She holds masters degrees in psychology and social work and a PhD in psychology. She has completed advanced externship training in systemic and post modern therapies. She has been a therapist for 20 years and a therapist specializing in employee and family assistance work for over 12 years.

Areas of Expertise

Stacy works with individual families and couples, but is particularly known for her work in the area of trauma and workplace issues. She has consulted greatly in both of these areas. Stacy works with adult and teen, male and female survivors of trauma and those who are experiencing stress and trauma at work. Stacy has also worked with many teams providing services from emotional diffusion and CISD, to team building and retreat facilitation. She has given many presentations on workplace stress and managing change and transition.


The philosophy that guides Stacy through her work is a post modern way of thinking. This kind of thinking in therapy supports the notion that there is no such thing as a measurable reality but that everything is subjective. She sees that central to looking at problems and how they manifest, is how they are perceived and constructed. Stacy believes that context is central to therapy and that race, socio-economic class, and gender all play a role in the counselling work that she does.

Therapeutic Models

Narrative therapy, family of origin work, and how on old story can surface in a current issue is a central model that informs Stacy’s work. In dealing with trauma; cognitive behavioural therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy with exposure, and EMDR are also models that she uses.

Professional Affiliations & Registrations

  • Member, Canadian Psychological Association
  • Member, American Psychological Association
  • Member, British Columbia Association of Social Workers
  • Member, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Network
  • Registered with the BC College of Psychologists
  • Registered Social Worker approved for private practice,1996-present
  • Levels I&II trained EMDR Therapist, 1996-present


Stacy is an avid skier, a bad tennis player, a frustrated screen play writer, and an occasional guest radio host. She enjoys spending time with her family and loves the finer and funnier things in life. Blowing bubbles with her daughter brings her great joy. She is not interested in growing old and wearing purple...

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