Melanie Johannson

MSW, RSW - Therapist, EFAP

Melanie has been a member of the EFAP since October 2003 providing individual, couple and family counselling.  She holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Calgary and she is a Registered Social Worker in the Province of BC and has been a counsellor since 1988.  Melanie enjoys working with people presenting a variety of concerns.  She has extensive experience working with complex trauma, domestic violence, grief, substance misuse, and family and relationship difficulties. Melanie is trained in EMDR level 1 and 2 and well as CISM (critical incident stress management), TFT (thought field therapy), and Focusing to deal with complex issues.

Education & Training

Melanie holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Calgary and she is a Registered Social Worker in the Province of BC. She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR-Level 1 and 2), certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), trained in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Focusing.  These are all invaluable tools in working with challenges in life.  In addition, over the years as a therapist, Melanie has attended yearly conferences/workshops on such topics as CBT, Solution Focused Therapy and many other therapies to stay current in the field.

Areas of Expertise

In Melanie’s work with individuals, couples, and families, she applies her understanding of how people function within their environment and uses her training to facilitate wellness.  She loves working with trauma, personal and family development, anxiety and depression, and workplace stress/change. 


Melanie believes that counselling is a process which depends on trust, respect and confidentiality. It is within this counselling relationship that we work toward expanding your understanding and perspective of the issues of concern and work toward resolution.  She also believes that within each person there is wisdom and resilience.  Therapy is there to nurture this and bring it forward, taking away some of the obstacles in the way. 

Therapeutic Models

Melanie is a Clinical Social Worker, so my training and experience is grounded in an appreciation of family systems theory in that individuals live within his/her environment (family of origin, current and past relationships, friendships, community and society) and they both impact and are impacted by this environment.  The challenge is in managing the change within this system to maximize potential for successful transitions.  Within this perspective Melanie uses a variety of tools to achieve the transitions such as EMDR, TFT, focusing, solution focused therapy, CBT, and integrates these into a process in the counselling sessions.

Work History

Melanie has worked within the mental health, crisis response, and employee and family assistance fields since 1988.  In Calgary, Alberta, she volunteered at a crisis center and worked at a women’s shelter.  Over time she moved into the counseling program providing counseling to all family members through one on one sessions and group therapy.  In BC she joined a non-profit providing counseling program to provide counseling to all members of the family experiencing domestic violence as well as counseling in the substance misuse and family counseling programs.  She moved into providing employee assistance counseling in 1998 and has continued to date.  Melanie also operates a small private practice.

Professional Affiliations & Registrations

Registered with Victim Services

EMDR Canada:
BC Association of Social Workers:
BC College of Social Workers:

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