Alla Nikonova

PhD, R Psych - EFAP Therapist

Alla is a Registered Psychologist. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has been practicing for twenty-six years. She has treated a few thousand people in British Columbia over the past twenty-four years, and has been working for EFAPs for twenty-two years. She has worked as a psychologist, a mediator, a crisis management counselor, a clinical supervisor, a human resources advisor, a conflict resolution consultant and a workshop presenter.

Education & Training

Alla holds a simultaneous B.A. and M.A. with honors in Education and Linguistics from Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Institute of General and Educational Psychology in Moscow. She completed her post-graduate internship in education in Moscow State University and her post-doctoral training in psychotherapy -- in the First Moscow State Medical Institute. Alla received training in collaborative couples counselling from Dr. Daniel Wile in Oakland, California, and a training in meditation from the Middle Way Meditation Foundation in Thailand.

Areas of Expertise

Alla uses collaborative counselling in her work with spouses, parents and children, business partners, as well as in the course of mediation and conflict resolution at workplace. She helps people suffering from phobias, anxiety, obsessive worries, depression, guilt, self-doubt, anger, impulsivity, grief, bereavement, compulsive habits, marital, parenting and work related challenges.


While conducting psychotherapy, Alla integrates elements of the philosophical approach of non-judgmental awareness with the psychoanalytic insight-oriented strategy.

Therapeutic Models

Alla incorporates insight-oriented strategy into solution-focused, cognitive-restructuring and cognitive-behavioural model.

Work History

In Vancouver, Alla first worked for two years at the Tri-Cities Mental Health Centre and then she has worked for twenty-two years for two different EFAPs: eighteen years – for Homewood Human Solutions, and four years – for Vancouver Coastal Health EFAP. Alla has maintained her private practice for twenty-two years.

Professional Affiliations & Registrations

British Columbia College of Psychologists

British Columbia Psychological Association

Canadian Psychological Association

Professional certification in treatment of substance abuse -- Canadian Government Program

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