Critical Incident Response Training

Managing to Make a Difference:  A Supervisor's Response to Critical Incidents in the Workplace

This two hour interactive training session highlights the importance of a supervisor's role following a critical incident.  The aim is to provide participants with a better understanding of: what defines a Critical Incident (CI); how to identify signs & symptoms of Critical Incident Stress (CIS); how to provide an “Individual Check-in” and why it is important; EFAP's role in the CIS Management process; and what services and resources are available to both themselves and their teams.

Through a combination of awareness education, basic “check-in” training, role-playing and video demonstrations, participants will leave the session better prepared to respond to a critical incident with confidence.  As well, participants can request a copy of the 20 minute training video to keep as a handy resource – a useful addition to the Manager's “toolkit”!

Please note that there may be a cost associated with this training.