Critical Incident Responses

Initial triage, consultation and coaching is provided by phone to the onsite contact who first requests service, with additional telephone support offered to all individuals impacted by the critical incident.

Subsequent individual or group interventions will be arranged as appropriate (e.g. onsite emotional debriefings).   Any intervention that includes a team or impacts work hours will require supervisor involvement and approval.

All costs are covered for incidents occurring in the workplace.  There may be a cost to provide a response for incidents occurring outside the workplace.

Emotional Debriefings

Emotional debriefings conducted after difficult events help to manage stress. We offer debriefings to both individuals and groups.

Individual Debriefing

EFAP is available to employees who prefer or need individual debriefings. Individual sessions may occur instead of, in addition to, or as follow-up to a group debriefing. Support may be provided over the telephone or in a scheduled in-person session.

Group Debriefing

Trained CIS debriefers lead discussions about the incident and the reactions and responses of those involved. We also provide the group with support and information on stress management and coping strategies.

Transition Talks

EFAP will facilitate discussions with individuals or groups who have undergone a change at work that has caused distress.

Grief Awareness

EFAP can support an individual or group who has experienced the loss or death of another employee or colleague.

Please note that there may be a cost associated with this training.