Individual Consultation, Management Consultation & Group Services

EFAP is available to provide guidance and consultation, and to help develop specific strategies to address workplace situations. A supervisor, manager, union steward, or employee may call for a consultation. EFAP consultation does not replace labour relations, human resources, or other internal processes.

Individual Consultation

EFAP can provide guidance and assistance in resolving conflict in the workplace. We work with individuals or teams to co-create a strategy to alleviate distress and facilitate a means to achieving a healthy workplace. Most scenarios can be resolved with one consultation meeting. At times subsequent interventions may need to be arranged.

Management, Supervisor and Steward Consultation

We also offer confidential consultation and coaching to leaders (e.g. shop stewards, managers, supervisors) who require support with difficult situations in the workplace. Confidential coaching may be done in conjunction with a workplace intervention.  Relationship-based mediation is also offered for personal and work-related issues.

Group Education Workshops

EFAP is available to speak to teams and groups on a variety of topics geared towards the healthcare clients we serve to build awareness in the workplace and help employees understand when a situation may require help.  These presentations are generally 45 to 60 minutes in length and can be designed around any topic.

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There may be an additional cost with this service. Please call us at either 604-872-4929 or 1-800-505-4929 for more information.

Custom Group Design and Facilitation

EFAP is available to help create a customized strategy for a specific workplace challenge. EFAP therapists work directly with the client (usually an organizational leader of some kind) to assess the issue, design an approach, and strategize a plan.  We then facilitate the implementation of the plan and conduct follow-up activities. This service does not replace existing human resource, labour relations, or other internal processes, but does look at the emotional and behavioural aspects that might not be otherwise addressed. Some of the situations where a custom approach might be helpful include:

  • A change to the workplace
  • Team distress
  • Team building
  • Re-entry of an employee after a leave
  • Remedial workplace issues
  • Emotional support to employees involved in a coroner’s inquest or legal action

There may be a cost associated with these services. Please call us at either 604-872-4929 or 1-800-505-4929 for more information.