EFAP offers a suite of wellness services to our clients that address an array of specific concerns.  These services add value to the regular counselling services offered through EFAP.

Taking Care Of Me Series

Join us for all or any of the upcoming free workshops conveniently scheduled so you can attend on your own time in order to take care of what is most important to you - your health, wellness, relationships, family and career. Available to VCH employees only, these hands-on, interactive sessions are based on current knowledge, provided by topic experts, and designed for maximum impact for busy lives Click Here

Emotional Coaching

For those who feel they do not require counselling services, EFAP offers goal based one-to-one supportive coaching to manage personal and workplace issues.  The Emotional Coach strategizes ways to achieve work and life balance and provides the tools necessary to resolve personal and work-related concerns.

With client consent, we coordinate services, support return to work, and facilitate resources with doctors, insurance companies, disability management programs, labour relations, and/or human resources (HR) by providing supportive emotional coaching.

We will always maintain a neutral position throughout the process.  Staff may confidentially engage our emotional coaching through referrals that may have been initiated or encouraged by their manager, supervisor, union steward, or HR department.  We also provide support to leaders who are working through difficult situations.

Parent Coaching

The Parent Coach provides tools to improve parenting skills and effective strategies to help manage challenging situations with children of all ages.  Benefits include reduced parent stress, improved parent-child relationships, and increased awareness of appropriate community resources.

Health Coaching

Using a step-by-step “inside out” approach, certified health coaches motivate and empower individuals to embrace a holistic wellness philosophy.  Coaching utilizes registered dietitians, fitness and life coaches, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness based stress reduction tactics. Benefits can include weight loss, increased energy and improved self-confidence.

Eldercare Coaching

The Eldercare Coach provides support and guidance to assist individuals in managing the challenges that arise from caring for an aging parent.  Services include assessment and care planning, education to help understand the progression of diseases that can occur during the aging process, and support to help individuals cope with feelings of grief, loss, and guilt. 

Wellness Tools

Learn to Run!

It’s a great time to get healthy!

The following document is from Sport Med BC, and is a 13 week program that consists of three sessions a week. Bring your friends and share your progress!

Sport Med BC’s Self -Administered Learn to Run Program