It is estimated that 10 - 15% of all employees experience deeply personal issues in any given year. Some form of emotional distress affects more Canadians than all other health problems combined. This type of distress often affects both employees and their families.

Our Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP), winner of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s "Award of Excellence", provides a voluntary, confidential, and comprehensive service to both employees and their immediate families.

  • Counselling, Financial & Legal Services

    EFAP provides assessment, short-term counselling, referral, case management, and follow-up services....learn more
  • Wellness Services

    EFAP provides a wealth of wellness services designed to compliment and enhance our in-person and virtual counselling services...learn more
  • Individual Consultation, Management Consultation & Group Services

    EFAP is available to provide guidance and consultation, and to help develop specific strategies to address workplace situations...learn more
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Services

    A critical incident is an event taking place that causes a powerful emotional reaction...learn more