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  • Addiction & Substance Misuse Resources

    Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
    The CCSA is Canada’s national addictions agency. Their mission is to provide objective, evidence-based information and advice that will help reduce the health, social and economic harm associated with substance abuse and addictions.

    Addiction Coping Skills for Addicts and their Family

    Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of people across the globe. Whether you are an addict yourself or someone you love is dealing with a substance abuse problem, coping with this disease can be taxing. Fortunately, with enough support and help, you and your family can deal with the issues surrounding addiction and hope for a better future. There are many different ways in which people cope with addiction. Some forms of coping are helpful, and some can actually cause more problems than they solve. The important thing is knowing how to understand the difference so that you and your family can not only cope with the addiction but someday break free of it as well.

    Canadian Centre on Substance AbuseQuit Now
    A free internet-based quit smoking service. It includes quit gadgets that calculate up to the minute money and lifetime savings, self-assessments, quit journals, tips, medication guides, and quit buddies: peer support realtime chat rooms with ex-smokers.

  • Childcare & Eldercare Resources

    Canadian Childcare Federation
    A Canadian public education site with hundreds of good articles on children and family issues.

    Interaction Consultants
    Helpful articles on parenting, as well as on separation/divorce, produced by Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW. Gary is a social worker with more than 20 years of experience working with parents, teens and young children.

    We Care Home Care Services
    An independent national provider of home care services, which include: Nursing, Personal Support, Meal Preparation, Homemaking, Cleaning, Personal Care, Appointment Escort, Companionship, Specialized Infant and Child Care, Respite Care, Palliative Care, Alzheimer Care, and Parkinson Care.

  • Health & Wellness Resources

    Working With Depression

    Working with Depression is a clinical research program for workplace depression located in the Mood Disorders Centre at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Hospital in Vancouver. We are affiliated with the UBC Centre for Brain Health and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.

    Our mission is to improve work functioning outcomes in people with clinical depression. Our scientific focus is on early recognition and intervention to prevent short-term and long-term disability. We create and evaluate innovative platforms for assessment and evidence-based treatment for workplace depression, and translate knowledge to health professionals and businesses.


    MoodFx is an interactive app designed to help people with depression and low mood feel better.

    Canadian Centre for Occupational Health
    Promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing information and advice about occupational health and safety. Excellent information on Wellness as well as issues such as violence in the workplace.

    How're You?

    Health Canada
    Health Canada is the federal department responsible for helping the people of Canada maintain and improve their health. Includes links to Provincial Health sites.

    Public Health Agency
    This site is designed to provide convenient access to a range of online materials related to the promotion of mental health, the planning, delivery, cost and evaluation of mental health programs and services in Canada, and the mental health issues, problems and disorders encountered by Canadians.

    Antidepressant Skills at Work (AS@W)

    Depression & Substance Use

    Trauma & Mental Health for Women

    Immigrant Workers

    Depression & Physical Health Conditions


    Anxiety BC
    A non profit organization which was started by a group of concerned consumers, family members, and professionals, who work to increase awareness about anxiety disorders; promote education of the general public, affected persons, and health care providers; and increase access to evidence-based resources and treatments.

    Mental Health Works


    Bounce Back: Reclaim Your Health

    Offers mental health support to patients coping with chronic health conditions. Through psycho-education and guided self-help, Bounce Back can help patients improve their quality of life. Bounce Back is specially designed for people with milder mental health troubles that get in the way of life. To access the guided self-help program with telephone support from a community coach, you will need a referral from your primary health care provider. Designed and delivered by the Canadian Mental Health Association’s BC Division.

    Canadian Mental Health Association
    Information offered in both English and French. Includes access to an online "Stress Index" and offers a variety of downloadable pamphlets on a wide range of issues.

    Five Areas Resource Centre
    The Five Areas approach aims to provide a range of CBT self-help resources that are accessible, practical and effective. This site provides a one stop link to the range of available Five Areas resources written by Dr Chris Williams - developer of the Five Areas Approach.
    A community of people providing mental health information, support, and the opportunity to share experiences helpful to others. Provides comprehensive information on psychological disorders and psychiatric medications from both a consumer and expert point of view. Offers active chat rooms, hosted support groups, people who keep online journals/diaries, psychological tests, breaking mental health news, mental health videos, online documentary films, a mental health radio show and more.

    Internet Mental Health
    Provides information on mental health issues.

    MedHelp: Finding Cures Together
    The MedHelp site empowers people to take control over their health and find answers to their medical questions. MedHelp has over 14 years of accumulated information from doctors and other patients across hundreds of conditions. Members receive the support they need from other patients like them, research information on drugs and health topics, and share their knowledge with others in need.

    An independent mental health social network created and run by mental health professionals. Offers mental health information, as well as providing annotated guides to the most useful websites, newsgroups, and mailing lists online today in mental health, psychology, social work, and psychiatry. Also offers "Sanity Score", a free online mental health screening test.