The EFAP recognizes that traditional face-to-face psychotherapy is not always convenient or comfortable for everyone.

Workplace, personal, and family responsibilities can make it difficult to find the time to schedule an in-person appointment at a therapist's office. Sometimes people are too nervous or embarassed to seek help in person. Some people just prefer the convenience of accessing support from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Our goal is to make our services accessible to all our clients. If for any reason you are unable to visit a therapist's office, our eServices may be a helpful and effective alternative.

  • eCounselling

    EFAP therapists provide support for a variety of concerns through a series of email exchanges that occur over an agreed upon period of time...learn more
  • vCounselling

    These are counselling sessions conducted by video conference as an alternative for those who seek face-to-face counselling, but find it difficult to get to a therapist's office...learn more
  • LifeHub™

    LifeHub is an internet-based program that provides dynamic and proactive support for both the professional and personal needs of employees and their families..learn more
  • Smoking Cessation

    EFAP therapists utilize one-on-one counselling blended with the self-guided step-by-step Quit Now™ program to help smokers become non-smokers...learn more
  • MoodGYM

    MoodGYM is an innovative, interactive web program designed to prevent depression...learn more
  • BlueBoard

    BlueBoard is an online community for people suffering from depression or anxiety...learn more
  • E-Couch

    E- Couch is another creation by the developers of MoodGym...learn more
  • Go Ask Alice

    Go Ask Alice is a health Q&A Internet resource...learn more