We recognizes that traditional face-to-face psychotherapy is not always convenient or comfortable for everyone.

Our confidential and secure virtual counselling services are a great option if you like the idea of face-to-face counseling, but can’t attend due to location, time, mobility or expense.


  • eCounselling

    EFAP therapists provide support for a variety of concerns through a series of email exchanges that occur over an agreed upon period of time...learn more
  • vCounselling

    These are counselling sessions conducted by video conference as an alternative for those who seek face-to-face counselling, but find it difficult to get to a therapist's office...learn more
  • Smoking Cessation

    EFAP therapists utilize one-on-one counselling blended with the self-guided step-by-step Quit Now™ program to help smokers become non-smokers...learn more
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